13. Mon January 2020


Happy new year!

Thank you very much for your patronage last year.

We will do our best to create a store that will be loved by everyone this year


By the way, the new year has begun and the mind and the food are turning around.

A new menu with a different concept at FESTIVIN

Pasta & risotto has started.

Authentic carbonara, peperoncino, arabianta pasta and

We have prepared risotto with wasabi and cheese which is unexpectedly addictive.

Especially recommended is a special cream sauce using fragrant boletus mushrooms

Pasta and risotto. Please enjoy with noodles or rice or whatever you like.

In addition, we will increase the types of snack pizza and à la carte

The menu is suitable for parties with large groups.

To a new FESTIVIN that turned around,

We look forward to your visit.